just9n and SileNt3m left NRG

just9n and SileNt3m left NRG

Justin "just9n" Ortiz and Samuel "SileNt3m" Portillo are no longer members of active NRG eSports CS:GO roster.

They have revealed this information in their personal Twitter-accounts.

During the last NA-Minor LAN-tour this Northern America team has shown disappointing results and left championship during group qualifiers. That event became the last failure for NRG ex-roster.

At the beginning of this year, Method ex-members decided to change the roster and invited two famous players from European Counter Strike Global Offensive arena: Fatih "gob b" Dayik and Nikola "legija" Ninic. Nevertheless, their experience was not enough to get a good result during the last tournaments and events.

NRG still has not released official statements about new roster of the team. However, legija stated that information about roster will soon be announced.

NGR eSports current roster:

Fatih "gob b" Dayik

Nikola "legija" Ninic

Peter "ptr" Gurney


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