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The ELEAGUE Major 2017 Report

Lord Matus
The ELEAGUE Major 2017 Report

The most anticipated tournament of the first quarter of 2017, The ELEAGUE Major Atlanta 2017 is going to start soon. This will be the third CS:GO Major tournament with $1,000,000 prize pool.

The event will be held together with support of Valve and Turner Broadcasting System, which is responsible for advertising of ELEAGUE brand.

16 best teams from all over the world will participate in the tournament. 8 of The ELEAGUE Major 2017 participants joined the event via direct invites from the organizers as they became top-8 teams of ESL One Cologne 2016. Other 8 participants passed through the complicated qualifying stage where they earned a right to participate in the tournament.

ELEAGUE staff is considered to be the best one in the commenting esports events. The ELEAGUE Major 2017 should be conducted in the best way.

The tournament will be played in Swiss system. The organizers will seed all teams into one group. To move to the play-off stage the teams should get at least three wins. If a team losses three matches, it is automatically withdrawn from the event. The first matches were organized taking into consideration matches of the previous tournament. In the upcoming matches the teams will play against teams with a common score of the tournament table.

The play-off will be conducted in the common best-of-3 (bo3) format, including the grand final match. The matches will be played on de_cache, de_cobblestone, de_dust 2, de_nuke, de_overpass and de_train maps.

Tournament participants:

SK Gaming (FalleN, fer, coldzera, TACO & fox)
Natus Vincere (Edward, GuardiaN, seized, s1mple & flamie)
Fnatic (olofmeister, dennis, twist, KRiMZ & disco doplan) (TaZ, NEO, pasha, Snax & byali)
Astralis (gla1ve, device, Kjaerbye, dupreeh & Xyp9x)
Gambit Gaming (Zeus, Dosia, AdreN, mou & HObbit)
Team Liquid (Hiko, nitr0, EliGE, jdm64 & Pimp)
FlipSid3 Tactics (B1ad3, markeloff, WorldEdit, wayLander & electronic)

GODSENT (pronax, flusha, schneider, jw & Lekr0)
North (MSL, Magiskb0Y, k0nfig, cajunb & RUBINO)
FaZe Clan (karrigan, allu, aizy, rain & kioShiMa)
mousesports (chrisJ, NiKo, loWel, Spiidi & denis)
HellRaisers (ANGE1, bondik, STYKO, Zero & DeadFox)
OpTic Gaming (RUSH, mixwell, stanislaw, NAF-FLY & tarik)
G2 Esports (shox, RpK, SmithZz, ScreaM & bodyy)
Team EnVy (apEX, kennyS, SIXER, NBK & Happy)

Commentators and analysts:

Anders Blume – commentator
Auguste «Semmler» Massonnat – commentator
James Bardolph – commentator
Daniel «ddk» Kapadia – commentator
Henry «HenryG» Greer – commentator
Matthew » Sadokist» Trivett – commentator
Duncan «Thorin» Shields – analyst
Jason «moses» O’Toole – analyst
All matches will be played in ELEAGUE studio since January 22 till January 25. All views can follow online and TV broadcasts, organized by Turner Broadcasting System.

The final stage of the event will take place in Atlanta, in Fox Theatre Building. Play-off matches will be played on January 27 - 29.


All playing days will start at 15:00

January 22 — Swiss Round One Sunday

Gambit Gaming 16:8 North
Fnatic 10:16 G2 Esports
SK Gaming 16:7 HellRaisers 16:13 OpTic Gaming
Natus Vincere 16:3  mousesports
Team Liquid 21:25 Team EnVyUs 
Astralis 6:16 GODSENT
FlipSid3 Tactics 9:16 FaZe 

January 23 — Swiss Round Two Monday

mousesports 16:7 HellRaisers
Natus Vincere 16:6 Team EnVyUs
Faze 17:19 SK
FlipSid3 14:16 Team Liquid
North 13:16 fnatic
OpTic 12:16 Astralis
GODSENT 9:16 Gambit
Virtus.Pro 16:14 G2

January 24— Swiss Round Three, Tuesday

fnatic 16:11 mousesports
GODSENT 3:16 Team EnVyUs
North 19:15 HellRaisers
Gambit 10:16 Virtus.Pro
Astralis 16:5 G2
SK 3:16 Natus Vincere
Team Liquid 18:22 FaZe
FlipSid3 13:16 OpTic

January 25— Swiss Round Four Wednesday

Team EnVyUs 11:16 Fnatic
SK Gaming 19:17 Team Astralis
Gambit eSports 16:14 FaZe Clan
North 16:9 G2 eSports
mousesports 4:16 Team Liquid
GODSENT 16:8 OpTic Gaming

January 26— Swiss Round Five Thursday

North 19:17 GODSENT
FaZe Clan 16:11 Team EnVyUs
Team Liquid 3:16 Astralis

January 27— Playoffs Friday — quarterfinals

Natus Vincere 1:2 Astralis
Fnatic 2:1 Gambit eSports 2:1 North
FaZe Clan 1:2 SK Gaming

January 28—Playoffs Saturday— semifinals

Astralis 2:0 Fnatic 2:1 SK Gaming

January 29 — Playoffs Sunday — grand final

Astralis 2:1

The prize pool of the event is $1,000,000. The distribution of the prize pool is the same as in the previous Majors.

1 place — $500,000
2 place — $150,000
3-4 places — $70,000
5-8 places — $35,000
9-16 places— $8,750

Group Stage




SK Gaming  3  1
Team Liquid 2 3
Fnatic 3  1  0
Astralis 3  2
FlipSid3 Tactics  0 3
Gambit eSports 3  1
Natus Vincere  3  0
FaZe Clan  3  2
North 3 2
mousesports  1  3
OpTic Gaming 1  3
Team EnVyUs  3
G2 eSports  3
HellRaisers  0 3

General scoreboard

Place Prize Seed Team
1st $500,000 «Legend» status Astralis 
2nd $150,000 «Legend» status
3rd $70,000 «Legend» status  SK Gaming
4th $70,000 «Legend» status  Fnatic
5th $35,000 «Legend» status  FaZe Clan
6th $35,000 «Legend» status  North
7th $35,000 «Legend» status  Gambit eSports
8th $35,000 «Legend» status  Natus Vincere
9th $8,750   Team Liquid 
10th $8,750   Team EnVyUs 
11th $8,750    GODSENT
12th $8,750   OpTic Gaming 
13th $8,750   mousesports
14th $8,750   G2 eSports
15th $8,750   HellRaisers
16th $8,750   FlipSid3 Tactics