Meet DOTA 2's new hero: Underlord!

Meet DOTA 2's new hero: Underlord!

Underlord is now a possible addition to the heros we have in Dota.  As in, he's really, really close to being an official hero. However, for now, we don't have much information on him, but we'll try to release all of the information we have collected from different sources.

Abyssal Underlord is a melee character that's been around since the days of Blizzard Dota. At the time when Valve adopted the DOTA 2 scene, some things were left behind and weren't added to the existing hero pool, and this guy's predicament is somewhat like that.

Underlord already has a lore way, way back then. He even has the name Abyssal Underlord, but Valve apparently decided to call him just Underlord. It's uncertain why, but a guess would be that Valve just wanted a shorter name. He already has a known skill set that will probably be released to the public soon enough. But there are some videos floating around that are alledgedly his skills, so believe in your own discretion.

Anyway, Underlord is believed to be a Strength type hero with a really powerful SS. As of the talks about him, it's apparent that he'll be agreat asset to a team fight. Word on the street is, his SS can teleport nearby allies. More word on that as we go on with our extensive research. As DOTA 2 is on a lay low with their hustling with the prep work of The Internation 2016, it's somewhat apparent that if he will be an addition, it's after the tournament.

We'll update you when we have more info on Underlord. For now, watch out for Valve's official word on them. As we'll we, we will bring the first word from them once we recieve more intel.

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