Sylar joins EHOME

Sylar joins EHOME

Information about Sylar to join EHOME team has appeared.

At Dota 2 transfer registration website, information about first players to join EHOME roster appeared. old chicken and eLeVeN have already rejoined with the organization.

Sylar became the third player of a new roster. He is a famous esports gamer, who several times took third places in TI championships and participated in the grand finale of TI4. Mostly, he is known as a member of LGD Gaming team. Before joining EHOME, Sylar was a member of Vici Gaming but he did not reach any success there. Perhaps, that became the reason Sylar decided to try himself in a new roster.

EHOME current roster:

  • Sylar
  • eleven
  • old chicken
  • tba
  • tba


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