The International 2016 - Day 1: Quick Rundown

The International 2016 - Day 1: Quick Rundown

So much matches have happened on the very first day of the group stages. Of course, we wouldn't want to be the captains of obviousness and relay everything that happened in every match, but we'll tell you what's every team's standings in their respective groups and explain the hows and whys of each group.

Group A

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Group A has been a series of surprises. From OG being forced a draw, to Navi and Alliance being nearest to last place, and even TnC clinching a win from Wings, it has been a great Day 1 for those who got a really good position on the standings. For the other teams, well, there's always Day 2.

For the first set of series: OG and LGD have tied, Wings and EG have tied, Na'Vi and Escape have tied, and Alliance defeats TnC 2-0.

The second set was more of a domination as all teams won one way or another: LGD won against Escape,  Na'Vi lost against EG,  TnC upset Wings,  and  OG defeats Alliance.

The last set for Day 1 was really intense: OG and EG have tied, Navi tied with TnC,  LGD tied with Alliance, and Wings won against Escape.

Group B

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Group B has been straightforward however. The teams that were expected to win against each other did, but some did manage to force a draw on their opponents. Probably the most shocking thing at this point in Day 1 is that Team Liquid is where they are and that EHOME is doing somewhat better than expected.

We'll see if this standing does move from its position for Day 2. Don't miss the action as we'll bring all the latest news of The International 2016 to you right here on!


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