TnC Gaming pulled off a huge upset against LGD Gaming!

TnC Gaming pulled off a huge upset against LGD Gaming!

In a surprisng turn of events from the first game of TnC Gaming and LGD Gaming, the tides have turned in favor of TnC Gaming. Much to the surprise of everyone, especially those who have bet on LGD winning 2-0, they were pleasantly greeted with the in-game screen saying "Incorrect" at the second sight of LGD's ancient being destroyed.

From a 68 minute game with a lot of tension to a 29 minute destruction fiesta, TnC managed to bring LGD to fall off their game in both chances that they had. As of writing, LGD Gaming had just lost to Na'Vi because of some rather questionable plays. To have lost - in a matter of an upset at least, is sure to bring a dent to any team's play. 

As TnC and  LGD both will play immediate against Evil Geniuses and Natus Vincere respectively (as of writing), we'll bring you the latest lowdowns - not only just with these two teams, but the whole Day 2 scene later on. A more detailed analysis on what happened in these matches will be put up after the second set of matches. Keep staying tuned and we'll keep you up to date right here on!


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