5 Decks to try when Wing 2 Drops

5 Decks to try when Wing 2 Drops
  • Freeze Mage with Arcane Giant

Arcane Giant is, especially in Freeze Mage or Yogg-Saron decks in general, basically a strictly better version of Molten Giant, in the sense that you don’t have to rely on healing with a mechanic like Reno Jackson or an Ice Block to stay alive to get the most value out of it. Around last year some time, we saw Echo Giant Mage, which used things like Molten Giants to flood the board with 8/8’s and win the game off it. An important combo device, which is still in Standard rotation as of now, is Echo of Medivh. We may very well see a variation of this deck, perhaps involving Reno, as the only card that you would really need 2 copies of would be Arcane Giant and Echo. Of course, Yogg-Saron should also be included as another late game tech choice. I could absolutely see this deck being, at the very least, incredibly fun to play.

  • Control Warrior / N’Zoth Paladin with Barnes

Barnes is a very late game intensive card, despite the fact that it is only 4 mana. The reason that this card will likely see play in control style decks is due to the fact that, most of the really, really good cards it could pull from your deck happen to come in the late game, such as Ragnaros, Sylvannas Windrunner, or Tirion Fordring. We’ve talked a lot about this card before, and I still think it will end up being incredibly strong. Warrior is already in a really good spot for the Meta, and this, along with decks like N’Zoth Paladin, will be seeing some buffs now that Barnes has come along.

  • A N’Zoth deck with Moat Lurker

At first glance, Moat Lurker looks like trash. A 6 mana 3/3? Yes, its battlecry is to destroy a minion, but it just comes back after it dies, and with 3 health, that isn’t difficult to do. I think what happened was that everyone looked at it destroying an enemy minion, while your own are the likely target. It can destroy your own Sylvannas, steal an enemy minion, and then it becomes ‘Deathrattle: Summon Sylvannas’. I think this card is way better than everyone’s giving it credit for, especially in N’Zoth decks like Paladin. Tirion Fordring can give you 2 Ashbringers! In theory, assuming they both get the full value off of the weapon, that’s 30 damage, potentially face! Of course, you shouldn’t just kill the full health and still shielded Tirion, but instead wait for it to either take damage or lose the shield to get the full value. It’s sort of like Recombobulator, back when that was a thing.

  • Kara Kazham! Discard Zoolock

Discard Zoolock has seen a surprising amount of play since Silverware Golem, and it will only get better as the expansion releases more wings. Its strength comes from the synergy it shares with almost every Zoo mechanic we already have. Even cards like Succubus become good, as the discard mechanic becomes a good thing. It’s like Shaman’s Overload. It used to be a problem – nobody ran Elemental Destruction, and Overload in general simply became a problem. Now that Tunnel Trogg and other positive Overload cards have come out, the Overload mechanic became more of a tech usage than a downside. Much like that, Discard has more of a positive outcome than negatives, such as drawing cards, playing minions, or dealing damage.

  • Yogg Shaman with Wicked Witchdoctor

This one is more for fun, but Shaman has plenty of very good spells right now, such as Lava Shock, Lightning Bolt, and many more. We saw some play of a late game control Shaman from the BogChamp deck which worked well, so using this with Wicket Witchdoctor and Yogg-Saron sounds fun. Honestly, not too much to say here aside from the simple fact that it sounds fun. Be sure to check reddit a few times today to see when the second wing will be released – we’re all waiting!