All Decklists from the Dreamhack Grand Prix are Available!

All Decklists from the Dreamhack Grand Prix are Available!

Our new Dreamhack champion, Dlma “Rdu” Radu, has made history with his win. All of the decks that were used in the tournament can be found here, which were all very well documented by Nydra from GosuGamers. He has become the first player in competitive Hearthstone history who has won two Dreamhack events in a row, and broke $100,000 won in total. His decks, including things like Tempo Mage, Camel Hunter and Zoo, were played expertly enough to take first place.


Interestingly, the second place winner, Fr0zen, had a very different lineup than that of Rdu’s. It included Token Druid, Patron Warrior and Miracle Rogue. This is interesting, as even though we have had plenty of time to prepare for this event since the expansion’s release, top preforming decks are still widely varied. Contrary to popular belief, this is very healthy for the Meta, as we are now able to see not only a variety of decks in tournament format, keeping it interesting, but also on ladder, providing a better experience for players in Ladder and Tournament format alike!