The first Single-Player Tavern Brawl is absolutely worth playing

The first Single-Player Tavern Brawl is absolutely worth playing


It’s been known that Blizzard uses the Tavern Brawl weekly games to test out features that they may or may not implement into the game. With this one, it is less likely a feature to be included later on and more likely a friendly challenge – who can survive the longest while sieging the city of Stormwind?

I’m going to come right out and say, you win even if you lose. You could die turn 2 and still get your free card pack. But, for those of you more interested in this one, here’s how it works. The city of Stormwind has 1 health, and each time you attack or deal damage to it in any way, that health is increased by the amount dealt to it. However, the city has a few scaling mechanics as it goes into the late game.

The city is permanently equipped with a 1/3 weapon, labeled “Barracks”. The attack on this weapon goes up by 1 at the start of each turn. While it never actually swings with this weapon, it combos nicely with the city’s Hero Power. 2 mana, summon a random Stormwind warrior. These include a 1/1 that gains attack and health based on the Barracks’ current attack, or a 0/1 taunt that gains health based on the Barrracks’ current attack. It also uses a 2 mana 0/2 card that gives 2 attack to adjacent minions.

Now, there is a simple answer to this late game scaling – Acidic Swamp Ooze. Players who have gone really far in this Brawl bring 2 Acidic Swamp Ooze and a Harrison Jones along as well. It will instantly replay it the next turn, but the attack will be reset, which is crucial for surviving longer.

As soon as you are finished off after a long siege, your Hero, instead of exploding into little bits, is placed in invulnerability and the city itself explodes, which guarantees a win for you any way you put it. What im trying to say it, get your dailies out of the way while you can. It’s free wins!